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Business Contracts

Any time you enter a legal agreement, getting the verbiage and conditions of that contract perfect is essential to protect both parties from certain legal repercussions. It also protects you in all circumstances in which the other party happens to breach the contract.

That’s why having the business lawyers at Timothy Kelly & Associates, LLC on your side is the best way to keep you and your business protected. We can assist you in not only drafting and reviewing your own contracts, but to act as your expert defense in the event that you are accused of breaching a business contract yourself.

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Business Startups

Whether it’s your first foray into the business world or yet another venture into startups, navigating the complexities of business law at the local, state, and federal law can prove quite complex. When you’ve already got a ton on your plate with building and hiring, why not get the help of a business lawyer who can expedite the legal processes and ensure they’re done accurately?

Timothy Kelly & Associates, LLC has the experience to ensure your new business startup does things the right way.

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Business Litigation

When you become a commercial entity, you are technically far more open to potential lawsuits and litigation from a variety of different areas including competitors, clients, and even employees. It’s the best practice to ensure you have a business attorney at your side who can always be there to defend you in business litigation.

Timothy Kelly & Associates, LLC serves as Denver’s business lawyer of choice. We work on your behalf to ensure that you and your business is defended at every turn and protected in the court of law.

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Corporate Counsel

Starting your own business will quickly make you realize how much legal ground there is to explore and be aware of to protect not only yourself but your partners and employees. Rather than waiting for disaster to arise to learn the hard way, your business can benefit from the corporate counsel of Timothy Kelly & Associates, LLC to remain one step ahead of the game.

Timothy Kelly & Associates, LLC servers as corporate counsel for both small businesses and large enterprises. Our expertise extends to financial law, corporate governance, contract law, intellectual property law, and much more. We’re always on standby and take personal interest in your business’s success.

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