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In Colorado, Misdemeanors are any criminal offense which could result in your being sentenced to a maximum of:

  • a fine of up to $1,000.00,
  • confinement in the county jail of up to eighteen months, or
  • both or any combination of fines and imprisonment.


Felonies are any criminal offense which could result in your being sentenced to the Colorado State Prison system for a number of years, and to payment of fines of up to one million dollars, depending on the classification of the felony offense. In Colorado, there are several classifications of felony offenses which carry these corresponding periods of incarceration and possible fines (CRS §18-1.3-401):


Class Minimum Sentence Maximum Sentence Mandatory Parole Period

  1. Life Imprisonment / No Fine Death None
  2. Eight Years / $5,000.00 24 Years / $1,000,000.00 Five Years
  3. Four Years / $3,000.00 12 Years / $750,000.00 Five Years
  4. Two Years / $2,000.00 Six Years / $5,000.00 Three Years
  5. One Year / $1,000.00 Three Years / $100,000.00 Two Years
  6. One Year / $1,000.00 Eighteen Months / $100,000.00 One Year

Obviously, any criminal charge is serious, and many can be potentially devastating. Surgeons wouldn’t try to perform surgery on themselves, and you shouldn’t try to represent yourself as a lawyer in a court of law. Years of specialized training, study and experience have prepared your attorney to handle your case the way it needs to be handled to obtain the best results possible for you, our Client.

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