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Excluding Gain From the Sale of Your House

September 26, 2022

Our Denver business attorneys are highly skilled and practice various transaction matters. They know how to guide businesses through the complexities of the law effectively. We can assist you with drafting contracts, negotiating deals, and resolving disputes.

We advise on employment agreements, intellectual property issues, commercial leases, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and general corporate matters. We understand the importance of protecting your interests and strive to educate our clients about their business decisions’ legal requirements.

We offer free initial consultations to discuss your particular situation and determine whether we are the right fit for you. Contact the McGuire Law Firm today to schedule your consultation.

Why You Need a Business Attorney in Denver

When you start a business, there are many things to consider, including how much money you want to spend on legal fees. You might think that hiring a full-time lawyer is the best option. But what if you don’t have enough cash flow to cover those costs? What if you’re starting and don’t know anyone who could recommend someone trustworthy? Or maybe you’ve been running your business for a while now and feel ready to hire a lawyer. Here’s a quick guide about finding and picking a business attorney.

A business lawyer can help you understand what the law says about your particular industry and business model. They are experts in navigating the many complexities involved in running a business. Your business attorney can also help you avoid common pitfalls and challenges, such as tax liabilities and potential lawsuits.

When starting a new business, knowing where you stand legally is essential. This includes ensuring that your business name is protected, that your intellectual property is secure, and that you comply with all state and federal laws.

Once you have been operating your business for a while, a business attorney can assist you in negotiating contracts, resolving disputes, and protecting your interests during mergers and acquisitions.

Your business attorney can also guide you through compliance issues, including establishing internal policies and procedures, developing a risk management plan, and managing third-party vendors.

Determine Why You Need a Business Attorney in Denver

The best time to hire a small business lawyer is before you need one. This way, you’ll know exactly what questions you want to be answered and whether you’re getting good value for your dollar. Here are three reasons startups and small businesses should consider hiring a business attorney in Denver.

Choose the Right Entity Type

Choosing the correct type of business entity is critical because it affects everything about how you run your business. If you choose the wrong form, you could end up paying unnecessary taxes, running afoul of corporate regulations, or even losing out on opportunities to be part of a larger organization.

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