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How to Hire the Best Defense Attorney in Denver

November 14, 2022

Having the finest criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial if you are facing criminal accusations. Hiring a skilled defense attorney in Denver might be the difference between years in jail and freedom. What qualities do you need to be on the lookout for in a criminal defense attorney? How do you know that you hired the best lawyer for your situation?

Finding the ideal attorney may seem difficult; there are so many defense attorneys available that it can feel nearly impossible to find one who meets your unique requirements. We hope to make choosing a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado, easier for you with the following tips.

Hiring a defense attorney in Denver, CO, is essential for those facing criminal charges. Some people do not hire a qualified defense attorney due to the possible fees involved. However, the costs associated with hiring a defense attorney are significantly lower than the life-altering costs after a conviction. Let us dive into several tips for hiring the best defense attorney in Denver for you. We will also spotlight how Timothy Kelly & Associates defend clients when hired as a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado.

Tips for Hiring the Best Defense Attorney in Denver, Colorado, for Your Criminal Defense Charge

Hire an Experienced Law Firm

When looking for a criminal defense attorney in Denver, ensure you hire a law firm with knowledge and experience. A criminal defense lawyer with several years of expertise will have a better success percentage than a lawyer with little to no experience. Skilled lawyers typically charge higher rates; many say it is well worth the investment. A well-versed defense attorney in Denver is vital if you face significant accusations.

Most private criminal defense lawyers have prior experience as either public defenders or prosecutors, providing them exposure to a wide range of criminal matters. Before choosing to employ a lawyer, learning more about their history is essential. You should not hire a defense attorney if they provide evasive answers or decline to reveal their specific experience; instead, start looking for another one.

Timothy Kelly & Associates have over 30 years of experience as criminal defense attorneys in Denver, Colorado. Over the years, we have encountered extraordinary situations, and that knowledge comes to defend your case.

A Thorough Understanding of the Judicial System

A skilled criminal defense attorney in Denver will clearly understand the local, state, and federal judicial systems. It can be complex, even for those who deal with the legal system daily. Still, a skilled defense attorney is familiar with its inner workings and can assist you through it. Ask the potential defense attorney to explain how the process will go step by step and determine if it is right for you.

Timothy Kelly & Associates have shown our expertise by repeatedly understanding the Denver, Colorado, judicial system over the years. We ensure all of your options are explored and will carefully guide you through your criminal defense.

Specialized Attorney in Criminal Defense

Several firms provide legal defense services. However, defense services do not indicate that they are criminal defense experts. Working with a public defender with more expertise in your situation may cost less and is wiser than hiring a private attorney with less criminal law experience. Hiring an experienced defense attorney in Denver who specializes in similar cases is best.

Inquire about the defense attorney’s background in criminal defense at your initial consultation. You may want to ask them about the results of cases they defended that were comparable to yours. These questions can help you determine their areas of expertise in terms of criminal cases as well as their track record of success in circumstances that are comparable to your own.

All lawyers must have completed the state bar exam and law school to practice in their respective jurisdictions, although various lawyers have different specializations. An accomplished criminal defense attorney in Denver specializes in instances involving criminal accusations. The goal is to hire a defense attorney in Denver who has successfully defended cases similar to yours.

With a focus on DUI as a criminal defense attorney in Denver since 1986, Timothy Kelly & Associates has the experience to defend your criminal traffic case.

Local Court Relationships

Defense attorneys in Denver and prosecution attorneys start to get along after spending a lot of time together in the legal profession. Even while it could seem strange to get along well with an enemy, both sides are aware that when individuals are acquainted, everything goes more smoothly. They might be able to work out a more favorable plea agreement or a cheaper bond, thanks to their mutual respect and trust.

Networking is essential in the legal profession, as in many others. It would be advantageous for you to choose a defense attorney in Denver who has expertise working with the local courts. When selecting a defense counsel, consumers frequently glance through this information. However, having friends and connections will go a long way in helping you win your case.

Each judge has a style of addressing situations, and each court has a somewhat distinct procedure. When formulating a plan to win your case, it will help to have a defense lawyer knowledgeable about these procedures. Defense attorneys at Timothy Kelly & Associates have carefully cultivated respected, professional relationships with many colleagues.

Responsiveness and Law Enforcement Conduct Assessment

Time is of the essence when you are under investigation for a crime. It is ideal if you have a lawyer ready to begin working on your case immediately. A proactive defense attorney in Denver, like Timothy Kelly & Associates, will ensure that your case is handled carefully and that no important aspects are overlooked. We will contact you with inquiries to ensure all case details are precise. You can be confident your case is being handled properly if you have a proactive attorney that stays in touch with you throughout the criminal procedure.

Your attorney should always be available during the stressful and perplexing criminal proceedings. Your defense attorney’s response time should also be rapid when you contact them. An effective defense attorney will be sympathetic and available for you as required. All clients at Timothy Kelly & Associates are treated as family. You should note how quickly a legal firm responds to your call and whether they ask you to leave a message. Did you receive a response promptly if you had to leave a message, or did you wait a long time to hear anything? Hiring a defense attorney in Denver you trust is crucial to facing criminal charges with your best defense.

The typical individual may not fully understand the legal restrictions on what police enforcement may do while gathering evidence in a criminal case by watching TV, reading the news, or browsing Facebook. The complexities of the correct processes are something that excellent criminal defense attorneys in Denver spend years understanding, as well as the blind spots and loopholes in the system. A defense attorney may investigate how the police may have violated the rights of the accused since they are aware of what police officers are permitted to do during an investigation. If the acquisition of the evidence is found to be improper, your defense attorney may be able to get it excluded from your case, which frequently results in dismissals.

Upfront about Legal Fees and Charges

An honest criminal defense attorney will be open and honest about their costs. A formal contract outlining the conditions you agree to before hiring a defense attorney in Denver is always recommended. By doing this, you may be confident the defense lawyer will only charge you and provide you with legal services after accepting their offer.

A legal company providing you with a low-cost estimate raises two red flags. The defense lawyer you are interviewing could have a poor reputation, or they may charge you a ton of extra money in hidden fees down the road. You should avoid hiring law firms with low prices since the outcomes in both circumstances are bad for you, the defendant. Conversely, it would help if you were wary of businesses that charge exorbitant costs. Consider if you are getting your money’s worth by choosing Timothy Kelly & Associates as your defense attorney in Denver.

Though it goes against common sense, hiring a more costly attorney nearly always saves you money. An experienced, seasoned defense attorney in Denver can assist you in getting the finest sentence feasible for your situation, which can help you maintain your work or avoid losing your professional license. How much money would you lose over how many months searching for a new job with a pending criminal charge if you lost your job tomorrow? How many years of potential income would be lost if you lost your professional license? Even if you are not fired, missing employment because of incarceration or lengthy legal proceedings can burden your finances.

Defense Attorney Denver, Colorado

Timothy Kelly & Associates have defended nearly one thousand criminal cases. We put the same care, attention to detail, and intensity in each case as if you were our favorite family member. With over 30 years of experience, hiring Timothy Kelly & Associates as your defense attorney in Denver, Colorado, gives your defense an excellent starting place. Reach out to learn more about your case today.

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